apg trend alert: master monochrome in your home

One of the hottest interior design trends right now is, in fact, an age-old classic: black and white bliss.

Monochrome has a timeless quality that exudes elegance. Whether you use it as an accent in your home decor or incorporate it as part of the architectural design of your gorgeous two storey home, mastering monochrome can provide a sophistication to your house. Here are our tips for tackling this trend. 

Pattern party 

Black and white work beautifully when combined in patterns. Chevron, checks, polka dots, floral motifs, diagonals, zig-zags - find these patterns in hues of inky, velvety blacks and crisp, ivory whites. You might discover some prints don't clash when placed beside one another, but rather complement each other, such as stripes and spots. Layer monochromatic patterns in your home through cushion covers, duvets, linen and even curtain fabrics.

Art gallery galore

Simple yet effective: black-and-white sketches, typography, paintings and photographs look beautiful hung side-by-side. Add to the look by choosing monochromatic frames, too. A salon style hang is when you can use different shaped frames and nail them to the wall, often at angles, haphazard yet cool. Think ovals beside rectangles, separated by mirrors or potted plants hung on the wall for some natural lush green colour. If you love neat, clean, contemporary lines, use identical frames and use measuring tape and a level to place them equidistant apart.

Bonus tip: You don't always have to fork out large sums of money for artworks - old newspaper clippings, postcards, stencils of your favourite quotes, hand-prints of your kids on canvas, all of these would make great art to put inside frames. 

Feature wall and accents

Make a statement in your lounge by painting just one wall charcoal black, then creating an ombre effect by using grey woollen throws on white leather couches. Subtly add accents in the room to create an overall black-and-white paradise, such as installing light fixtures in matte black or adding a coffee table in sleek, glossy dark glass. Whitewashed wood is also great for keeping the warmth in such a colour palette. 

Of course, one of the fun aspects of monochrome is introducing just that one pop of colour for contrast - yellow, red and blue, your primary staples, are ideal. A yellow cushion, a red rug, a blue vase - each of these can add just one drop of vibrancy to an otherwise monochromatic ambiance for a touch of playfulness. This trick works best when you limit it to only one colourful accent, though, so that monochrome remains the star of the show. 

Chalk-it-up to chic 

Craft stores sell chalkboard paint, which can be coated onto many surfaces including wood and ceramic. Use the black paint on pots, plates, coasters or even a table in the kid's room. All you need is white chalk to treat it like an immortal canvas. 

How do you plan to use monochrome magic in your new home? 

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