apg style series: tropical

It's time to soak up the lush ambience of the South Pacific.

If you're building a new home or settling into a property, your mind will no doubt turn to interior decorating ideas. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there's a way to infuse your personal sense of design throughout your home.

Our October Style Series theme is Tropical, and it sure is a fabulous one.

This is an interior trend that's not to be missed!

What is tropical design?

Unlike some more established home aesthetics, Tropical design is a relative newbie among trendsetters. But that doesn't take away from its popularity across the globe.

Paying tribute to sunny islands dotted around the South Pacific, a living area, bedroom or outdoor space that's adopted the tropical vibe will be littered with lightweight materials - think linen, cane and woven sea grass mats.

Floral and abstract patterns characterise the Tropical theme, too. Colours such as moss green, cream, gold, brown, jade and tangerine are top picks if you're ready to go tropical.

Tropical design in your home

If you're ready to ditch interior design that's overly prescriptive, consider making a splash with the Tropical vibe.

Make sure you balance bold patterns with lightweight fabrics and even embrace a glass-top table in your living space. An outdoor day bed (in a covered al fresco area) with bamboo beams and billowing white linen or silk chiffon works a treat.

Curvaceous cane chairs look striking in the living room and bedroom, while apple green prints on white cushions add a fresh touch to your sofa.

Opt for cool white walls and play up shades of brown and green, saving tangerine and gold for finer touches.

You might even add a vivacious floral watercolour to tie the theme together, too!

View our Tropical themed Pinterest board which has lots of great ideas to get you started.