apg style series: ralph lauren

Why hire an interior designer and let them have all the fun? Decorating and styling your new double storey home in Perth is one of the best parts of a new build. You get to fully express yourself with a blank canvas that itself is stylish and architecturally considered. This month's style series article is all about bringing out your fashionable side in full force, with the Ralph Lauren theme.

Inspired by the famed designer and his creations, this motif makes use of high-quality furniture and textured fabrics - perfect for accenting your intelligently built home.

Studs and stuff

Did you think studded leather furniture had gone out of fashion? Not so! While you won't line your lounge with an enormous amount of brass and leather, a feature piece here or there will ass a touch of class and sophistication to your living area.

While antique furniture works well here, if you can get a piece with modern dimensions with this styling you're truly off to a winner. This is no area to spare expense though, and quality will shine through.

Bring your walls to life

Walls are not only a barrier between rooms and a place to hang art - they can also be a feature too. And we're talking about more than just a different shade of paint here. Exotic wallpapers and creative wood panelling serves to enhance your lounge or dining room with an opulent air that is unachievable with flat paint finishes.

Lighting the way

While luxury is all around you, if your lighting isn't up to the task it will seem very drab and dreary. These heavy finishes need an abundance of light to make sure your home doesn't become too dark.

Your home built by apg is designed to let in a maximum amount of natural light, but you can help things along with light, flowy curtains and big light fittings. Chandeliers work well with this theme, as do reading lamps with interesting designs.

This interior design scheme is perfect for the homemaker seeking to distinguish their home amongst those of their peers.

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