apg style series: postmodern

postmodern fashionChoosing how to decorate your home can be a challenging task - after all, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to interior design!

This month's Style Series piece focuses on the postmodern trend. 

We'll look at ways you can incorporate 1960s and 1970s vibrancy into your new home building - from embracing splashes of colour in open plan living spaces to decorating your bathroom with style. 

What is postmodern design?

Unlike the formality and rational reasoning behind modernism - a design trend focussed on function before form - postmodernism was not limited to the confines of pure practicality.

Postmodernism blossomed in the late 20th century. The movement firmly rejected modernism's functional restrictions and instead focused its attention first and foremost on form.

With bold graphics, geometrical patterns and a range of materials, postmodern design stands out with its vibrancy and confidence. 

postmodern lounge room

Postmodern design in your home

If you want to embrace the postmodern trend, first consider your walls. Opt for playful turquoise or jade green or get even more inventive with patterned walls.

You could opt for wallpaper with quirky, colourful patterns or go for thick horizontal stripes of paint in shades of crisp white, tangerine, cornflower blue and fire engine red.

When it comes to your living space, another option is to choose less explosive wall designs and instead make the furniture a feature. 

Think chairs that use a range of materials - for instance, polished wood legs with a perspex body. Or discover leather in a range of playful colours, from burnt orange to lemon yellow or dusky blue. 

Embrace curved lines, unique textures and playful fittings - from mirrors to hanging lamps. 

When it comes to your bathroom, this space should be stark and clinical. While you might like to go for fresh white walls, be sure to spice things up with colourful artwork, intriguing laundry hampers and a feature mirror.

From bright and curvaceous fruit bowls in the kitchen to bold rugs in the bedroom, the finishing touches are as important as bigger features when it comes to a postmodern interior.

For more inspiration check out this pinterest board we have created for the postmodern design trend.