apg style series: post punk

If you're contemplating an interior design style for your living space or entire home, the post punk trend is certainly worth considering. 

Sometimes dubbed warehouse design, this approach to interior decorating makes both single and double storey homes look fantastically fresh. 

This month's Style Series piece unravels the post punk trend and offers smart suggestions for incorporating it into your new home. 

post punk warehouse style bedroom What is post punk design?

This design aesthetic is all about individuality and roughness. However, that's not to say it looks careless. 

In fact, plenty of post punk or warehouse-inspired kitchens and living spaces have a paradoxically polished look about them.

The secret is in getting the finishes right. From exposed brickwork to concrete flooring, cool grey hues and plenty of bronze, copper or brass, a clear eye for the right materials will result in a perfectly post punk fit out.

 Post punk design in your home

From shared spaces in your property to its bedrooms, there are multiple ways to incorporate this chic, rebellious trend into your home. 

post punk living room

You might like to focus on a single room to make a statement or give a subtle nod to the trend with small touches around the home.

The living room or kitchen is a great place to start to embrace this trend. Exposed bricks, glossy tiles or deep grey, brown or ink paint are good starting points for your walls. 

Flooring should be a complementary shade, while furniture will also speak to the colours, without being too carefully matched. Blend wood with leather for the ultimate in warehouse chic.

When it comes to decorating the space, beaten wood, copper and steel accessories look fantastic. A weathered-looking metal square chest not only acts as storage for books or records, but also seamlessly blends in with the rest of the post punk aesthetic. 

If you want to bring this trend into the bedroom, a large circular mirror looks striking, provided the frame is in an earthy tone. Embrace industrial style lamps in the bathroom and bedroom to polish off the look.

For more inspiration check out this pinterest board we have created for the post punk design style.