apg style series: oriental classic

oriental classic interior designBuilding a new home involves many considerations, from arranging finance to choosing a home design that works for you and your family. One of the most exciting aspects of the process is decorating your new house once it's been built.

At apg homes, we're committed to providing inspiring ideas for your single-storey or double-storey home, so you can put the perfect finishing touches on your new abode. Every month we offer a fresh interior design trend as part of our style series. This month, we'll explore the oriental classic aesthetic.

What is oriental classic design?

If you fancy embracing the intricacies of Asian style, the oriental classic trend could be one to follow when decorating your home. 

Beautiful textures and patterns are a must when you're embracing this delicate yet refined aesthetic. From furniture coverings to curtains, lampshades and rugs, there is a multitude of ways you can pay homage to this kind of design.

Silk is a hit when you're adopting the oriental classic trend, while glossy finishes and floral patterns are a hit, too.

Oriental classic design in your home

If you're thinking about incorporating this design in your home, start with the dining room and living space.

Side tables, couches, chairs and lamp shades can all be infused with a splash of classic oriental simplicity. Dark wood is a top pick, particularly when it comes to dining chairs and the frames of settees. 

However, don't go wood all the way. Adopting the right colours is key, too. Think about embracing the occasional drop of red, gold, pink and lime green, too. Use these colours sparingly. 

Beige, cream and slate can be used to fill in spaces where bolder shades could seem overpowering. It's not just florals that look fantastic - geometrical prints on the walls help hammer this design trend home. You can define different areas of the home by using black finishings as well.

Oriental classic style is a unique fusion of intricate designs with overarching simplicity. It's a fine balance to strike, but when done properly, can look stunning.

Don't be afraid to combine various patterns in one room, either!

For more inspiration on oriental classic style check out our pinterest board.