apg style series: nordic

The word Nordic conjures up images of icy winds and sparse landscapes, punctuated by European woods. And this is almost exactly what you're trying to achieve when applying this theme to your home. Not icy and impersonal, but fresh and crisp, with few complications.

A Nordic styling makes use of blank canvases, like white walls, timber floors and slate tiles to illuminate the beauty of fine objects. If you're building your new home and envisage a clean and uncluttered environment for a fresh start, this could be the them for you.

It should be noted that those countries sharing the northern parts of Europe and the Atlantic are no stranger to warmth. It's what shuts out the pervasive cold. So  don't think you can't make a Nordic-themed house a home. 

Ample lighting, faux fur throws and ergonomically designed furniture will make your living areas more comfortable and inviting while still allowing you to maintain an image of serene and stark beauty throughout your home.

When it comes time to relax and enjoy the evening, lighting a fire and dimming the lights will transform your living room into a warm haven from the demands of the world.

And if you're trying to figure out accent colours for this theme - they're few and far between. Instead of trying to stick with one accent throughout a room, or even the entire home, try pops of colour here and there.

A brightly coloured pot on your stove, the postmodern painting in the study, a simple armchair in your favourite colour - these are all great ways to introduce colour to this scheme. Bear in mind that these dashes of vermilion or turquoise will be so far from each other that there won't be a risk of clashing. 

The crisp, modern appeal of a Nordic theme is well-suited to apg's intelligently designed double and single story house plans, which champion clean lines and high ceilings that will highlight your feature decor pieces.

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