apg style series: minimalist

Owning a property is rewarding in itself, but there's no doubt it's the decorating that really inspires new homeowners. 

Whether you're embarking on the double storey home design journey or opting for single story, there are plenty of ways to make your new place look fabulous. And sometimes, less is more!

This sentiment couldn't be more true for the Minimalist aesthetic, which is our Style Series theme for September.

This design trend is all about utter simplicity - but it's far from boring.

What is minimalist design?

As the name suggests, Minimalism is about stripping back superfluous details in favour of a refined, simple approach. 

The essence of this trend is every last line or curve has a purpose; Minimalism is about using as few elements as possible for maximum impact. Straight lines are popular, but curvaceous features can also be incorporated. 

When building a new home, you'll no doubt contemplate what colour scheme to choose. With the Minimalist aesthetic, get ready to embrace cool and warm shades of white, slate and deep blue. Pops of colour can still work though - pick a single shade and run with it alongside your neutral hues. 

Minimalist design in your home

A Minimalist home will have a feeling of airiness. You want to maximise your living spaces, so don't invest in too much furniture or a jumble of accessories. 

Instead, an L-shaped sofa or a three-seater sofa and a chair or two will suffice. When picking living room furniture and bedroom linen, opt for monochrome fabrics.

Oversize statement accessories are a must as well - think large paintings or sculptures that will take pride of place in your favourite rooms of the house. However, settle on just one or two pieces per room for maximum impact.

Wood can also work well with the Minimalist theme, but be careful not to overdo it by incorporating plenty of fresh white and the odd splash of grey. You want to achieve a balanced feel overall.

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