apg style series: contemporary

Contemporary style: simple, subtle and welcoming

Deciding on the right internal aesthetic for single level properties, double storey home designs or narrow lot homes can be daunting, given the potential range of colour schemes, fittings and furnishings available.

With endless opportunities, it can be easy to throw together a home interior that's haphazard and lacking a clear design theme.

However, apg homes is committed to providing a range of inspiring design tips. This month, we've unpacked the contemporary trend as part of our Style Series.

What is contemporary design?

Contemporary design seamlessly changes over time, adapting to the trends of whatever decade it's placed in.

Present day contemporary design welcomes simplicity and freshness. 

While the saying "less is more" might sound like a cliché, it couldn't be truer when it comes to contemporary interiors.

This design trend is all about clean lines, open spaces and natural light, too.

contemporary colourContemporary design in your home

Monochromatic colours are key to creating the perfect contemporary interior - but that doesn't mean you can't play around with bolder colours.

Walls suit shades of cool white, cream, beige or soft grey. However, pops of colour still have a place in contemporary settings - particularly in living spaces.

Think lime green chairs or aubergine cushions or footstools to ensure the space isn't totally austere.

Natural fibres such as cotton, linen and jute add texture, while silk and wool will also fit in a contemporary home. Stone and timber surfaces add a natural feel.

Square couches and coffee tables beat curved lines, although small variations in shape will bring more character to your home. In the bedroom, choose bed frames with simple lines. The contemporary trend is all about carefully considered shapes in open spaces.

Block colours or subtle patterns are the way to go with this trend, across all rooms of the house. Large rugs in single shades of pale grey or beige can add variation to a space without causing clutter.

Furniture - from the bedroom to the dining room - should be simple, rather than being ornately decorated.

For more inspiration check out this pinterest board we have created for the contemporary design style.