apg style series: coastal

You don't need to live by the sea to experience the delight of coastal living - although it does help!

Property along one of Perth's beautiful beaches have a wealth of natural sunlight and cool coastal charm, but if you've built your new home away from the water's edge, you can still incorporate some of these design tips to get that timeless coastal feel.

Why would you choose a coastal style for your new home?

A coastal theme is one that induces relaxation - if you've been working hard and need to unwind at home, feeling like you're at the beach is certainly one way to help with that.

The colour scheme is also easy to match furniture with, and suits the laid back Western Australian lifestyle. Light colours, rustic furniture, driftwood and white-washed features are prominent in this style of home.

How to incorporate into your house

The first step is calming down your colour palette. Although you may be tempted to create features with bright colours, try a more subdued look - it's much easier to relax when the whole room is relaxed too.

Different shades of blue, including baby blue, turquoise and the kind of blue patterns you find on old China plates will all look at home set against an off-white backdrop.

This lends itself to furniture in similar hues, with faded wood, wicker and rope naturally blending in as well. Uses pieces of driftwood as feature sculptures, bookends or even as the base for a glass-topped coffee table will effortlessly bring in a sea-side feel to your home.

Distressed paint or whitewash features strongly in this theme, and furniture that combines this with a rustic appearance will certainly enhance your beach-holiday vibe.

Of course, you can't have a house that feels like a coastal resort without adding a hammock, so look into installing one in the backyard. Alternatively, find a standalone hammock that will fit in the lounge for afternoon siestas in the shade.

Looking for a little more inspiration? Check out our Coastal themed Pinterest board with plently of pics to get your creative juices flowing.