apg style series: aztec

Once you've laid eyes on a home design that speaks to you, it might be time to consider your decorating options.

When giving your home a makeover for the modern day, it's possible to draw inspiration from centuries gone by. 

The history of the Aztec empire has captivated individuals the world over. From its powerful rule of Central Mexico in the 14th and 15th century to its downfall with the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, the story of the Aztecs lives on today. 

What is Aztec design?

That might be the briefest of history lessons, but it does offer a glimpse into the lives of some incredibly civilised people of their time. In the centuries since, the Aztec way off life has been a topic of discussion, fascination and scrutiny. 

The aesthetic appeal of Aztec life has weaved its way into interior design lookbooks and catalogues, with homeowners embracing the natural materials, geometrical patterns and playful colour scheme that characterises this design trend.

Expansive properties or narrow lot homes can both adopt Aztec style, which blends muted hues of tan, deep green and rich maroon with bold shades like magenta, tangerine, violet and canary yellow. 

Of course, keep in mind the country of origin! If you want a truly authentic living space or bedroom, pay close attention to where your rugs, curtains or cushions have been shipped from.

Aztec design in your home

This design trend has a fresh, clean look, without being as removed as Scandinavian design. 

If your newly-built property has white or cream walls, you're already part way there. These shades will open up a space, while patterned cushions and curtains will add vibrancy. 

Remember to embrace natural materials too - for instance, add a worn timber coffee table or dresser.

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