apg style series: african

African styling has stolen the limelight this season. Incorporating this earthy, natural and eclectic style into your home can produce a feeling of understated luxury and easy, laid-back living.

The safari parks and gorgeous hotels of Africa have definitely lent some elements of holiday and leisure to this decorative palette, while the world's ongoing obsession with leopard and zebra prints keeps stripes and spots at the forefront of most designer's minds.


Employing accents is much easier - and better - than decorating every living area in your new home with a brazen African theme.

Ornaments and feature pieces of furniture or art will provide subtle hints at your underlying theme, rather than shouting out your intentions to everyone who enters the room. An overabundance of zebra-striped cushions and brown leather furniture can start to get too much very quickly.



Finding your African roots is all about connecting with the natural elements of the continent. Earth, wood and metal should all play a big part in the furniture and accent pieces you choose for this theme.

Africa is a resource-rich country with a long history of shaping metal into decorative objects. With a few pieces of ornately or simply shaped copper, aluminium, bronze or iron work sprucing up your new lounge, you'll achieve a natural and rustic look in no time.

Dark wooden furniture with naturally coloured fabrics will complement natural stone to produce an environment that wouldn't look out of place in a game reserve in the Serengeti.


Selecting the shapes of furniture and decorative items will depend on the overall styling of your home. Africa has a long history, with design elements that span its settlement as a colony, right to modern day times.

Choosing distinctive animal patterns, but using sharp corners and glossy finishes will produce a modern look, while older furniture with curves and soft edges will hark back to the historic days of the continent's initial exploration and settlement.

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