apg style series: eclectic

So you've found the perfect home and you're contemplating your decorating options. In order to inject your new home with your own personality, you'll need to settle on an interior design style.

Are you someone that enjoys a wide variety of styles or finds it hard to settle on just one? Do you prefer things that aren’t “matchy matchy”? Are you someone that thinks a little outside the box?  If so, the Eclectic design style could be the answer!

And lucky for you it's our Style Series interior design pick for August - we're sure you'll love it.

So what is Eclectic design?

The Eclectic style borrows ideas and elements from a variety of different styles, combining them together to create a unique but cohesive look through the smart use of colours, textures and shapes. Put simply it is “a careful gathering of interesting elements that all work together.”

It's all about contrast - mixing handmade pieces and splashes of vintage style with modern contemporary pieces and unique artwork on a natural background - stepping away from tradition and doing the unexpected.

Eclectic design is playful - think old mixed with new, quirky furniture and bright pops of colour all coming together to create the perfect mix of periods and styles.

Eclectic design in your home

Feel free to mix up materials when embracing Eclectic style.

Linen, cotton and worn-looking wood look stunning in the bedroom with modern touches, such as glass side table and quirky light fittings. Piece with a handmade feel are perfect for achieving a look harmonious with the Eclectic aesthetic.

When it comes to the living room, keep in mind the importance of blending comfort with style. Cream or blue-grey paint shades look striking on the walls, alongside comfortable sofas, framed artworks and splashes of texture and pattern.

This look appears most natural if you don't overdo it. Try not to make things look too organised but in doing so be careful not to make things look too cluttered either – it’s all about balance.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for some great examples of how to nail the eclectic design style.