apg Breakthrough range: 5 brand new designs

Gather round, everyone, because boy do we have some great news to share! apg homes have released a new and improved Breakthrough range, featuring five great two-storey designs, which will be in an affordable price range without compromising on style or quality. 

This is an ideal range for first home buyers and property investors, built with intelligence to keep the construction efficient and minimise unnecessary costs. Because of this, these new homes have taken 15 weeks off the typical construction time for a two-storey home - you know what they say, time is money! Families can move into their brand new home much sooner and enjoy the benefits earlier. 

How did these homes achieve such swift build times? Well, these beautiful and sturdy homes are built in brick veneer.

Brick veneer is a world-renowned construction method, extremely popular in the United Kingdom. This technique has stood the test of time. Ryan Webb, our Sales Manager, notes apg homes has years of experience working in this construction method. 

"We are using the smarts of the past to deliver a clean, fast efficient way to build a home but in a quality, traditional method," said Ryan. "We have sharper, straighter, smoother lines internally thanks to the truss roof system - and an amazing square metre rate to boot." 

Not only can home owners enjoy value for money from faster building time frames, there's also a significant amount of financial savings on offer with the Breakthrough range. Due to the materials used and reduced labour costs, there are savings of up to AU$60,000 per home.

Most of these double storey homes are below the AU$315,000 mark, making them a welcome home indeed for a wide range of people. A brand new home with two spacious floors to call your own, within a price bracket that won't break the bank. Hooray! 

Check out the new designs here!