advantages of minimalist design

The familiar saying "less is more" certainly rings true in many modern double storey home designs

Minimalist design is appealing because it ensures that your living area is as functional as possible and offers plenty of space and simplicity. 

Simplicity and focus 

Many people find that sleek, minimal design and decor in the kitchen can encourage and inspire creativity, while a stripped-back style in a home office can give you the freedom and focus you need to get your work done. 

The key to good minimalist design is to keep things simple. In your new double storey house plan, this could mean taking advantage of large windows to provide natural light, and opting for functional furniture that suits your needs and your personal style. 

Clever storage and neutral hues

Minimalist homes are not cluttered or overcrowded, so the right storage solutions are key. Designing your home with storage in mind - including shelves for your books, a place to tuck coats and shoes away out of sight and plenty of cupboard space for pots, pans and linen - can help you de-clutter and keep the focus on the space.

In the most stylish minimalist homes, the majority of the furnishings and fittings are in soft, neutral colours - grey, white, black and natural wood tones are all popular starting points. You can then add punches of a favourite colour in small, unexpected ways - a vase of flowers or a bright piece of wall art - to really make an impact.

It is also important to remember that minimalist homes are a constant work in progress.

You will need to re-evaluate from time to time to make sure that your furniture and storage solutions are still working for your needs and that the space does not feel crowded. If it does, it is a sign to spend some time simplifying again.

For a great example of a minimalist design check out our emporio display home.