add personality to your home with feature lights

It's often the smaller touches that make a home - a carefully selected painting in the bedroom, a slim vase in the living room and of course, your lighting.

Once you've selected your house plan that speaks to you, you'll no doubt want to provide some input on the finer details. You can inject plenty of personality into your humble abode with feature lighting. 

Make a statement

Chandeliers don't just need to be reserved for grand ballrooms. A contemporary kitchen with dark wood cabinets and clean, white accents can look stunning with a medium chandelier at its centre - for instance, above a freestanding kitchen island.

This lighting feature blends old and new, resulting in a chic, contemporary vibe.

Focus on tricky spaces

From opening your kitchen pantry and drawers to walking up the stairs, there are plenty of moments when carefully placed lights will come in handy. 

Halogen bulbs offer a fresh, white glow that's ideal in situations where you're in need of a bit of brightness. Don't forget to add feature lights to your closet and reading room, should you have one. 

Mix small and big

If you opt purely for hanging bulbs, you may find your kitchen or living space feels cluttered. By contrast, if you only choose small, built-in LED or halogen lights, your various rooms could feel more clinical than home. 

Use smaller varieties in areas where a splash of light is a necessity, then add bigger lights - whether hanging, wall-affixed or floor lamps - to mix up the vibe.

Pairing small with big will add personality to your home's spaces. This trick not only works inside - be sure to adopt this approach when decking out your al fresco area. Lights built into your outdoor entertainment space's actual structure will ensure dining in the evening is a breeze, while freestanding lamps and garden solar lights will add plenty of personality and ambience.