5 great colours for nurseries

It used to be that choosing a nursery colour was a relatively straightforward affair, with pastel hues being popular choices.

Today, many stylish parents are foregoing tradition in favour of a more modern palette that can be adapted as their children grow up.

If you are welcoming a new addition, here are five colour schemes you can incorporate into your home design to complement a thoroughly modern nursery. 

Sunny yellow

Yellow symbolises brightness and energy - how can you possibly feel down when you have such a sunny hue surrounding you?

You could also try a feature wall or incorporate a little bit of yellow into your soft furnishings, like baby blankets, lampshades or window treatments.

Jungle green

Green can be a vibrant starting point for an earthy baby bedroom that will help your little one feel peaceful, healthy and inspired by nature.

Complement a jungle green with vinyl wall art - perhaps a leafy tree or some friendly jungle animals.

Under the sea

Peaceful blue can be a beautiful colour or a baby's room, especially when the rest of the decor follows a trendy nautical or marine theme.

You might prefer the crisp, cool contrast of navy and white with a hint of red, or you may instead look to ocean inspired hues to foster a love of the sea on your little one.

Lovely lavender

A pale lilac hue is a very on-trend alternative to pink. Lavender tones evoke feelings of tranquility and calmness - the perfect environment for a peaceful sleep.

White, cream, pale green and yellow are all complementary colours to lavender, and you may wish to add some (baby-friendly) houseplants to the room, too.

Freshly-squeezed orange

Citrus shades are vibrant and energetic - perfect for creating a positive environment for your new addition.

Orange, lemon and lime hues are the perfect complement to crisp white - try experimenting with these shades on shelves, wall art and decorative accessories if you aren't ready to make a citrus splash on your walls.