5 features that will make your garden stand out

It's not just your home's interior that's important - its outdoor spaces deserve plenty of attention, too.

Here are five garden features for single or double storey home designs alike. They're sure to make your property stand out and be the best on the block! 


A birdbath is a quaint, easy and low-cost addition to your front or backyard, provided you avoid the pricey marble versions.

Adding one near shrubbery or trees will provide a sweet touch of nature or as a feature in your paving area to create a subtle but stylish design statement. 


The benefit of a deck can't be underestimated, whether added to a new home building or an existing property.

You'll be able to enjoy time with the family outside and if you add overhead cover, you can even use this space during the cooler months.

If you opt for a timber deck, twice-yearly polishing is a smart idea. However, many apg homes come with low-maintenance decking material, making it simple to just move in and start enjoying your home's outdoor features. 

Sculptures and lights

Perhaps you'd like to add a touch of artistic flair to your garden. Investing in a sculpture could be a smart move.

You'll need to carefully consider placement - do you want the sculpture to be a focal point of the space or seamlessly blend into your backyard?

The right lighting is important, too. Solar lights add a gentle brightness, while the white glow of halogen lights are a good option if you want to highlight your sculpture by night or when hosting dinner parties for friends. 

Waterproof beanbags 

If you want the kids to shift from in front of the television, think about ways to make the garden a more inviting space. 

Waterproof beanbags can make your backyard a fun zone - either opt for versions with bold shades to add a real kid friendly vibe or pare things back with more neutral tones.

Beanbags can also create a trendy but very comfy reading sanctuary where you can delve into your favourite book while enjoying the serenity and sunshine of the outdoors.

Manicured hedges

Sure, bursts of colour in your garden look great. However, keeping flowers alive year-round might seem more trouble than it's worth. 

However, perfectly manicured evergreen hedges are a good option for all seasons and will make your front and back outside spaces look striking. You might want to minimise your lawn space in order to drive down your maintenance requirements, in which case hedges add welcome greenery.