5 creative uses for a groovy granny flat

They say location, location, location is the mantra when it comes to choosing real estate in a certain neighbourhood - but there's an equivalent for home designs, too. Do you know what it is? It's 'space, space, space'.

You'd be surprised how much value a mypod or granny flat adds to your home, especially because it offers up that precious jewel of extra living space but with the privacy of being detached from the main house. Here are five creative uses for a mypod in your home:

1) Rental property 

What better way to pay off your mortgage than to rent out a separate part of your property for weekly income? A granny flat can be designed with its own entrance, kitchenette, bedroom and living space to accommodate renters. Best of all, any landlord duties you need to attend to are only a hop, skip and jump away from your home

When the mypod is not being leased by renters, it offers space for teenagers to retreat to, or for guests visiting the family to have a comfortable abode. Kiss goodbye a guest bedroom, and instead treat them to a B&B level service in the granny flat! Speaking of ... this would be a great place to launch your own B&B business. Sublime retirement job! 

2) Poolside retreat

Perth gets pretty hot! Our average temperature in the hottest months is 25 degrees Celsius, and even in the colder ones we enjoy a respectable 13 degrees Celsius. Because of this, swimming pools in backyards are commonplace.

Imagine inviting round your mates for a poolside barbecue, with a mypod converted into a fun lounge space with furniture and kitchenette to throw epic pool parties. You'll be the talk of the town! 

3) Homestay accommodation 

Similar to renting, choosing to sign up to nationwide homestay programmes can prove to be an enjoyable experience - not to mention be financially rewarding. Introduce the kids to other languages, cultures and world views for a truly international upbringing without leaving home!

4) Home business 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 61 per cent of actively trading businesses in the country had no employees, suggesting they were run independently by a single business owner. If you're one of these people, imagine to convenience of operating your business from a jazzed up mypod near your house. Shortest commute to work ever! 

The interior can cater to your business needs, whether that entails showing goods in cabinets for sale, or having a consultation style office structure for clients to meet with you. A mypod converted to an office is an ideal location for psychologists to run their practice, or for massage therapists to have their own clinic. The possibilities are endless! 

5) Man cave or Woman wonderland 

Of course, this option never gets old. Giant screen, gaming consoles, couches, popcorn makers and beer fridge? Yes, please! Cosy couches, a foot spa, bookshelves with indulgent reads and magazines, coffee machine. Ooh la la!

What's your dream mypod conversion?