4 must-know home design trends

A home's design is only as special as the talented hands that create it, and the minds that imagine it. So if you're thinking of building a new Perth home you need to choose only the best builders to help you make your dream come to life.

What's more, you need to develop an eye for design so you can stamp your own personality on your new home. Get started with these 4 must-know design trends.

1. Indoor greenery 

In 2018, indoor greenery will make a come back in a big way. Add character and luxury to your home with well placed peace lillies, succulents and other similar lush plantings that thrive in an indoor environment. 

Make a statement with large palms and tall snakes tongues in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. 

Indoor greenery is making a comeback.Indoor greenery is making a comeback.

2. Thin black marble benchtops

When you're building a double story home design, it's essential you get your kitchen right. Make sure yours is on trend by incorporating 2018's hottest kitchen designs. Our favourite is the use of thin black marble benchtops, which aim for a sleek look rather than the usual grandeur of marble. 

These can be an inch thick or less, and appear to float above cabinets for a striking and understated profile. 

3. Colourful bathrooms

In 2018 subtlety and sparsity will be replaced with luxury and excess.

More is more when it comes to colour in 2018, including in your bathrooms. Don't be shy about adding feature walls or tiled splash backs in interesting colours such as teals, plum reds or light charcoals. 

Several bathrooms at leading design shows in late 2017 featured those eye catching colours on basins, baths and fittings. This creates points of interest if done well, making your bathroom designs truly special. 

4. More is more

Minimalism has been the favoured style for as long as we can remember. However, it appears in 2018 subtlety and sparsity will be replaced with luxury and excess. Velvet materials will feature heavily in furniture, curtains and home detailing, while colour will be used throughout to give interiors unique character. 

If you're ready to start designing your new home, keep that in mind and get ready to embrace excess. 

To ensure your property's design is truly outstanding, you need to start with the best possible canvas - a well built, spacious and beautiful new home. Get in touch with the team here at apg homes, one of Perth's leading builders.