3 tips to keep your bathroom sparkling

It's reasonable that you want your new home to remain in quality condition months and years from when you first move in. 

Choosing a single or double storey house plan that doesn't skimp on design features and easy-care finishes is a good place to start, while ongoing care is a must too.

One area of the home that's essential to keep clean is the bathroom. Here are three ways to keep this space positively sparkling. 

The benefits of baking soda

You can clean a range of bathroom surfaces with a product that's found in most pantries: baking soda. 

Not only does it clean bathroom surfaces, it also helps remove stains on shower tiles or in the bath. You'll need to mix it with water to make a paste, apply it to the surface then scrub or rinse it clean.

If you want to really scrub a surface to sparkling perfection, add a few drops of vinegar to the paste for a heavy duty, yet non-toxic cleaning solution.

Perhaps soap scum is taking over your bathroom sink - a baking soda paste will lift this grime easily.

Caring for luxury countertops

Have you got luxury countertops that need extra special care? 

Natural stone adds a touch of sophistication, but it's essential to use the right products on it. For instance, siliceous stone such as granite and sandstone are acid sensitive, so you don't want to use a vinegar-based cleaner on them!

There is a range of cleaning products on the market for sensitive and natural stone. Read packaging carefully to ensure you're investing in the right one. 

Keep the space ventilated

It's not just cleaning products that will ensure the bathroom of your new home building stays fresh. 

Keeping the space appropriately ventilated is a must, so multiple windows or skylights are certainly worth considering.

Proper aeration will hinder the growth of mould, which is as unhealthy as it is unsightly.