3 things to note down during your display home tour

Hello, Perthians! Doesn't that word have a great ring to it as a name for us? Almost like we are ancient gladiators or royalty.

In our lovely city, we are blessed by sunshine and an abundance of amazing coastlines. Here at apg homes, we know that living near the seaside is a huge perk, which is why many of our display homes are built in coastal suburbs within walking distance from the beach.

Our display homes are open on the weekend, so go get some sand between your toes in the morning and pop on by to see the beautiful double-storey architecture and interior styling of these open homes in the afternoon. 

When you grace us with your presence at the main door or wraparound porch, you will be greeted by a warm smile from one of our friendly team members. We love to listen and answer questions, so you're more than welcome to chat to us about the display home. 

However, it can also be helpful for you to have a handy checklist to bring with you, so you're taking notes as you explore. These scribbles could help you better plan your own custom home design with us. 

To help you out, here are three things you should keep an eye out for, to make the tour all that smoother. 

1) Which bedrooms will best suit the needs of my family members? 

Allocate a room to each person in your household based on their interests. Maybe your son loves to have movie marathons or play video games - he could take the upstairs room nearest the stairs so he can easily head downstairs to the media room. 

2) Does the living area provide me with my lifestyle needs?

If you love to entertain, analyse the indoor-outdoor flow. Think of how many guests will be seated versus those who will mill around the alfresco pergola in the backyard, surrounded by lush landscaping. Our homes take pride in providing entertainment-style kitchens, so that's a win for party lovers. 

3) What do I want to keep the same, or copy in my home design? 

You may like the large open plan living room of the display home, but want the media room to connect directly to it - such ideas can be discussed and possibly even delivered in your final house construction. In other cases, you may want to write down how the couches were laid out in the lounge, so when you have your own version of that display home, you can do the same.

This third question is possibly the most important. You should keep track of all the display home elements that hit the mark for you - the large walk-in-robe, the kitchen island and spacious pantry, or the way you can see the ocean from the master bedroom balcony - as these are indicators of your personal style. Note them down for reference of what strikes a chord for you! 

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