3 innovative design ideas to modernise your new home

Creating a modern paradise to live in takes more than putting up walls and a roof - you need to add your own innovations to the home to really make it your own.

It might be having clever storage space, or even concealing a home office. What about creating a room filled with cushions? These are just some of the quirky ideas that are popping up around the world, and it won't take a lot of effort to bring them into your own space.

Whether you're thinking about a single or double-storey home design from apg homes, using just one of the innovations below could transform your lifestyle for the better:

1) Modernising your storage

You don't have to connect every room in your home to an electronic control panel to have a modern and innovative home. Instead, try being creative with your storage options, making them safe and fun for the whole family.

American designers HDR came up with a fantastic way to create a playground out of a storage area, while still keeping the space open and useful. You don't need to follow exactly what they did, because it probably won't make sense for your needs (unless you want a slide in the middle of your home). You can still take some ideas away.

Storage rooms or nooks always have the potential to look and feel cramped. To combat this, all you have to do is light it up effectively and make it bright! It could be as simple as adding some downlights (which will also be useful) or even painting the walls a bright colour. Make the space stand out in a modern way, and you won't even notice that it's storage.

2) Hide the home office

Many Australians need a home office. Whether it's to work from home or to pay the bills that keep stacking up, having a dedicated space to sit down and do some work from is important in the modern age.

If you don't have enough space in your home for a dedicated office, however, there are still ways that you can have a space set aside.

It might be something like a closet that has a desk inside, so when you want to hide it away, simply push the door closed. You can even have a bench space in your kitchen that has a hidden chair built into the cupboard below. Your computer might live on the bench, but nobody will be able to see the seat when it's been put away. This can be your very own nook in the centre of the home, but it can be concealed if you want.

3) The softest theatre in all the land

Home theatres are a fabulous addition to many apg homes designs. They offer a distraction for kids when your friends come around for a few drinks and even a retreat for the parents when young ones are running amok around the house.

Laying out cushions on every possible inch of floor space will transform the theatre into an innovative (and very different) room, while being practical, because more people can squeeze in and watch your favourite movies with you.

People won't be confined to the seats or couches, because the floor will be just as comfortable. The best home theatres are the ones you can fall asleep in, even if you're lying on the floor.

Make your home a modern paradise with these simple and innovative interior design principles, and you'll wow your family and friends every time they visit. Get in touch with apg homes to discuss what innovations you can build into your new home.