3 home projects you can do in a day

It's all in a day's work. Well, it could be. Finding a project that will help you enjoy your house a bit more, and take less than a day to complete, isn't always easy. Here are a few ideas that could help you modify your surroundings, and hopefully increase the pleasure you take in your home decor.

Get vertical

If you have a single storey house you may not have much garden space to take advantage of. For those that like to cook with fresh herbs and veggies, or who just like unique green features, a vertical herb garden could be an ideal addition to your outdoor area.

Easily made from recycled materials such as pallets, this is a very low cost project. Some charcoal paint to give it a modern edge, and weed mat or other lining to keep all the soil and water in place, and that's about all you'll need. You can mount it to railing or a post, or simply lean it up against the back fence.

Fill with herbs and simple green veggies like lettuce to bring about a sharp contrast with your darkly painted wood, and to create an endless supply of fresh salad ingredients.

Solar lighting

For those with two storey homes, you may have a bit more garden to take advantage of. If you have water features, trees, or any other points of interest in your yard, consider lighting them up for everyone to see at night.

While wiring outdoor lighting is best left to the professionals, there are plenty of solar options that do not require any technical know-how. Directional lights are best, as they can be pointed up at trees from the ground to create a beautiful effect.

Create a terrarium

A what? A tiny indoor garden in a glass jar. Terrariums add delightful splashes of colour to a minimalist style home, or achieve a small garden feel for those with less than green thumbs.

Using mason jars, unique vases or any other see through glass container you can think of, you can simply add layers of soil, charcoal, small stones, and bright green ferns, mosses and flowers. Ideally you want to choose plants that provide an interesting visual effect, but are also suited to humid and moist environments.