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Save thousands, include a granny-flat from the start

As time goes by and your family grows, you never know when extra accommodation is going to be needed. But there is one thing you can be sure of: it will be needed. Whether it’s for Nanna, visiting guests, the teens, the ‘temporarily-back-at-home’ kids, a home office or your very own poolside retreat, a ‘granny-flat’ will eventually be worth its weight in gold.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost its weight in gold! Nor does it have to look as you expect. At apg, we’ve taken an innovative and inexpensive approach to the traditional granny-flat. We call it a Mypod! Make it part of your home from the very start.

What is a Mypod?

It’s a granny-flat but redesigned, redefined and only available with a new apg home.

It’s a permanent accommodation solution that’s detached from the main home, but planned, designed and built during the construction of your new home. This means it fits in beautifully and it’s much cheaper because all the planning approvals, construction, transport and servicing all happens at the same time.

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