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Building a dream home

When Gehan and Michelle approached apg homes to construct their dream property, they were looking for somewhere they could build a future together - somewhere to entertain, to laugh, to celebrate and love, a home for their children to grow up in, as well as a home that catered to their own individual needs.

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Setting a new home building budget

For those who have not been through the new home building experience, it can be tricky trying to work out what a realistic budget should be and how to go about setting one from the beginning and more importantly, sticking to it.

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Selecting the right block

As building blocks can sometimes cost more than the building itself, choosing the right building block is equally as important as choosing the right builder.

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Good design - key areas to consider

Anyone who has built a home before would know that designing a new home is more than working out how many bedrooms and bathrooms we need. There are so many other areas that need to be considered including electrical, green smart, air-conditioning and pool requirements.

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Solar passive design and sustainable living

With the increased focus on sustainability and all the talk on carbon emission, carbon foot prints, carbon trading schemes, recycling and energy efficiency, it is easy to become confused with the terminology and lose sight of what we are all trying to achieve with environmentally friendly.

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Pools - planning and preparation

With the average building block becoming smaller and homes getting bigger, finding space for a back yard pool has become a bit trickier and more consideration at an earlier stage needs to be given to its installation and location.

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Demolish and build - all you need to know

Once you have made the decision that you can't put up with that old home any longer and the idea of extending or renovating just doesn't work, it's time to bring in the bulldozer and start from scratch.

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Demolish and building - planning your move

When building a new home involves demolishing an old one, it’s important to understand what needs to take place at each step of the way to help minimise as much downtime as possible and avoid costly delays.

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