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Whether you’re a first-time property developer or a seasoned veteran, you want a return on your investment. You want to be confident you’re making the right decisions and covering all your bases.

There are a number of elements to consider when it comes to residential property development including:

  • Residential design codes
  • Construction finance
  • Holding costs
  • Neighbouring property considerations
  • Site surveys
  • Retaining limitations
  • Local government planning schemes 

Property development is rife with complexities. If mismanaged, they can seriously undermine your return.

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You could attempt to manage the whole project lot yourself or you could partner with apg Homes, an experienced professional builder who will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Whether you’re developing a single investment home or a multiple residential subdivision, our experienced team will take you from feasibility to development handover.

Subdivision approaches

There are two main approaches to residential subdivision, demolish and build, and retain and build.

The first involves demolishing any existing buildings on the property, subdividing the land and building two or more new homes on the divided lots. There are many benefits to this approach including flexibility with the land use.

The second involves retaining an existing home on the property, subdividing the land and building one or more new homes on the newly created block. The main benefit to this approach is you retain the full value of the existing buildings on the property and there is less in building costs.

While in the process of subdivision design, keep in mind the common approaches to construction for residential subdivision. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all subdivision options with a profession who understands all the complexities of these types of projects. 

Subdivision types

We can help with designs on the following subdivision types:

  • Battle axe

If you have a large block zoned for duplex, you might want to consider retaining your current home and investing in a house-behind-a-house development, where a new home is built behind the existing property.

  • House behind house

This type of development is suitable for either battle axe blocks - with driveway access from the front, or for rear access blocks - where there is a suitable lane or right of way.

  • Duplex - one behind the other

As the cost of land in the city increases, more people are opting to cash in their yard for two low maintenance dwellings. This is known as a duplex dwelling and there are many different variations. The two main options are one behind the other or side by side.

  • Duplex - side by side

A traditional front and rear duplex development can make use of the battle axe or rear access block styles mentioned above, while building two new houses side by side allows both homes to have street frontage.

  • Triplex

As metropolitan population growth has caused many suburbs to be re-zoned, it is now possible to build three houses on one site in more areas than ever before. A triplex development can be set up with the driveway along one boundary, but other options are available.

  • Multi-unit

Higher density zoning can provide several options for multiple units to maximise the full potential of the block.

Whatever subdivision type you select; we will work with you to design the ideal home to suit your requirements.  

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