Here are a list of some of the most commonly ased questions we get from people looking to build a new home.

We want you to be completely comfortable with the building process, long before the first brick is laid so we've put together list list of FAQs to help you understand the process and answers some of the questions you may have.

Building & Construction

These are the most common questions we field from our clients about the building and construction phase when building a home with us.

how long does it take to build a home?

There are several variables when it comes to building a new home before the building starts. These include the complexity of the design, local council regulations and compliancy, and the processing time during the design and approvals stage.

Once a home is ready to start with all approvals taken care of, apg can give clients a much more accurate indication of the actual “build” time based on each design. Build times should only be quoted once this stage is reached and not include the time taken for building approvals as often these time frames are beyond the clients or builders control.

As a guide, clients should allow “build” times of approximately 6 - 8 months for single storey homes and 10 -12 months for double storey homes. Another 6 to 8 months can be added for the processing and approval stages before building begins.

how will I know what is happening with my house during construction?

Your dedicated Client Liaison Officer will provide fortnightly construction progress updates directly to you by way of a telephone call or email. This gives you an accurate running commentary on each stage of the building process and a direct contact person to answer any questions along the way.

Once your home is complete our Maintenance department can provide advice and assist you plan your move into the new home.

can I make changes during construction?

Some minor internal or cosmetic changes can be made and should be attended to and requested at the earliest possible time, however, an administration fee plus the cost of the work may apply depending on the nature of the variation.

Unfortunately, changes of a structural nature have a knock on effect through the entire building project and will not be allowed as apg must build the home as approved by the local council and in accordance with the building licence.

can I get some work done to my house during construction?

apg is responsible for the building project during construction and have scheduled the home to be completed to a programme. Coordinating client trades along with issues of scheduling, insurance, quality, warranty and repairs can be difficult to manage.

We believe it’s in the client's best interest to have their work completed after handover to avoid potential delays and disputes with their trades along the way.

can I get a key to my new house before it is finished?

Generally, keys are only handed over once apg have finished building the home. If access to the home is required during construction, we are happy to arrange a meeting on-site with your Site Manager between the hours of 7.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday. Usually, 48 hours notice is required.

Colour Selection

Selecting your colours, fixtures and finishings for your new home is a very exciting part of the building journey. Here are a couple of questions we are often asked about this part of the building process.

when can I start choosing my colours?

You can start choosing your colours at any time, however your final selections are not required until after you receive your working drawings.

Once the drawings of your home have been completed and presented, you will be called in to our selection showroom to view and confirm all material and colour selections for your new home. Our experienced Selection Consultants will guide you through the selection showroom and provide all pricing information for options and upgrades.

once my selections are completed, when will my slab go down and building commence?

Once your selections are completed along with the final drawings, all we need is the building licence and finance confirmation. Provided the block is titled and ready to build on, we can book the home in to commence site works ready for construction. This should take approximately 4 weeks from receiving your final drawings.

Consultation & Design

When looking for a new home or even trying to decide if building a new home is right for you, you'll have many, many questions you would like answered. Here are a couple of the very basic ones we are often asked by our clients before they commence their building journey.

what block size do I need?

Block sizes revolve around home design. If you have already selected a design, as a rule of thumb, you can look for blocks that are 3.0 metres wider than the widest part of the home design. The depth of the block will need to be at least 8.0 metres longer than the longest part of the home.

There are other variables with the design that may impact on the block size you need and should be discussed with the builder beforehand. Some of these include the location of windows and balconies, lengths of walls in relation to setbacks from boundaries, whether it’s a single or double storey design, pools and outdoor garden layout, local council design guidelines and location of parapet walls. A chat with an apg Building and Design Consultant will give you all the answers before you buy the block.

For more detailed information check out our selecting the right building block whitepaper.

are individual designs more expensive than standard models?

Buying a standard model home design will usually be more cost effective than starting from scratch. Much of the internal processing work has already been completed to achieve efficiencies through the system and in construction.

apg do however, have a talented team of designers that produce tailor made cost effective designs for individual needs and block requirements to help maximise the full potential of the land, particularly where views need to be achieved and accurate orientation is required.

does the quoted price of the home included everything?

Most prices you see advertised for new homes do not include the finishing items for the home or external work and site related costs. It is difficult to have an all inclusive price for each home as clients will have different ideas and budgets on how to finish their own homes.

As a guide, allow for floor coverings, window treatments, light fittings, landscaping and site costs over and above the cost of the home. Preparing the site to build on will include clearing, levelling and retaining the block if necessary and apg can provide allowances for this work to be completed.

Our building budget whitepaper and simple budget calculator may assist you in your budget preparation.

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