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If you want a new home but you already live in the perfect area, then a house demolition is the ideal option. This process gives you the freedom to get everything you want when it comes to your new home. Who says you can’t have it all? Demolish and build will result in a home that you and your family will grow in for many years to come.

At apg Homes, we aim to give homeowners a space that suits each unique personality and family dynamic, which is exactly what a knockdown rebuild promises. We’ve been doing knockdown and rebuilds for many years, and our ethos of designing and building every home with intelligence also applies to our demolish and rebuild projects. 

Advantages of a knockdown rebuild home

You may choose to purchase a fix-her-up home in an area you’ve always wanted to live in, and demolish the house to build an apg home, or you can knockdown your current home to build a new one on the same block. This decision is largely based on purchase costs and house demolition costs.

Demolishing your existing home means that you won’t have to give up your address, change your children’s school or say goodbye to a neighbourhood you have come to know and love. You’ll keep all your convenient surroundings with a brand new home to be proud of.

By choosing to knock down and rebuild a home you’ve purchased in a different area means more flexibility regarding your lifestyle. You’ll end up moving into a location you’ve always admired and into a home you’re sure to love.

Quick turnaround time

Whichever option you choose, efficiency is always guaranteed. As part of the ABN Group, we have access to a range of service providers within the property and construction industry, which is why we are able to meet the deliverables agreed on at the beginning of each project. We can put you in touch with a residential demolition contractor in Perth and provide you with the best advice to ensure the demolition process integrates seamlessly into the construction schedule. This will minimise the impact of the demolition and more importantly, save you time and money.

A knockdown rebuild home is definitely the way to go if you want the best of both worlds – a stunning home in a great area – and building with apg only makes the process easier. With our intelligent building techniques and passion to deliver the highest possible standard in every part of your home, you can rest assured knowing we’ve carefully considered every element of construction. While you may not see the thought and effort that goes into each intelligent design and how it improves your home, you will certainly experience it by enjoying better liveability and greater longevity. 

We’ve knocked-up some facts on knockdown and rebuilds

Using our 19 years' experience in demolishing and 
building we’ve developed a ‘whitepaper’ 
to explain the steps of the process. This will give you the intelligence you need to get you into a brand new apg home on your current block.

All your demolish & rebuild questions answered

Here is a comprehensive list of the questions we are commonly asked about demolishing and building. We've also included our 'Planning the Move' whitepaper which covers the essential things to consider when deciding if demolish and build is the right option for you.

Is it more expensive than building somewhere else?

Not necessarily. Demolishing and rebuilding can be more affordable than building somewhere else. As a rough guide, a demolition should cost no more than $15,000-$20,000.

Buying another block, on the other hand, incurs a host of fees, stamp duty, taxes, site fees, and so on. Plus there are all the costs associated with selling your existing home, like agent fees, advertising, repairs and reports.

Ultimately, it all depends on the cost and the availability of an alternative block and the associated expenses. An apg demolish and build specialist can provide you with an accurate estimate of demolition costs and provide you all the information you need to assess your options.

Does it take longer than building somewhere else?

It all comes down to the coordination of the project! At apg we help you seamlessly integrate the demolition with the construction schedule of your new home. So all up, it usually takes no longer than building on a vacant block somewhere else.

Plus we’ll ensure you can stay in your home for the longest period of time without experiencing any delays which minimises the associated costs.

Can I re-use the footings from my existing house?

No we don’t reuse footings in the construction of a new home. The only way we can provide our structural warranties and guarantees is to do absolutely everything from the ground up. This ensures all engineering details have been considered, so you get the quality you’re after.

Can I save my gardens, landscaping and pool?

When engaging a demolition contractor you can nominate exactly what you’d like to keep and what you would like to go. The contractor should be able to advise you if any of your nominated items will be affected by the demolition.

How long will I have to move out for?

The demolition process usually takes 4-6 weeks from the time you vacate your home. Once demolition is completed then the time you move out will be dependent on the construction time for your new home.

Any tips for finding somewhere to live while it’s all happening?

The best tip is to do it as soon as possible. If you leave it ‘til the last minute, you may not be able to find what you need, and you may pay more for it.

Do you commit to a completion date?

We can’t 100% guarantee demolition and construction time frames. Unfortunately there are things we simply can’t control – like the weather. We’ll give you a detailed demolition and build schedule, and we’ll let you know immediately if there are any changes.

Can you help me choose the best design for my block?

Yes! We have designs suitable for most blocks, including narrow, sloping and corner lots. We’ll take the time to help you choose the one that’s just right for you. In fact, we can even custom design something if nothing in our range works for you.

Can I customise your design to capitalise on views?

Absolutely. No expensive architects required – just sit with our building and design consultants and, together, make it your dream home. And because we cost each design modification, there are no budget blow-outs.

Will I get regular updates throughout?

At apg we’re committed to ensuring your building experience is as enjoyable as your new home. That means keeping you informed every step of the way, with honest status updates. And your client liaison officer is always available, should you have any questions.

Can I get a fixed price before you start?

Yes. All apg contracts are fixed-price contracts. Once you’ve signed off on all your nominated inclusions and we commence construction, the price is fixed as per the contract for the duration of the build.

Do you supply a detailed scope of works?

Our building contracts are standard Housing Industry Australia (HIA) contracts, complete with detailed addenda outlining all nominated inclusions of materials, finishes, building services, etc.

Does the demolition require extra council approvals?

Yes the demolition will require council approval and a demolition license. Depending on your local council, this usually takes 1-2 weeks, but can be much longer. Contact your local government authority to find out how long they usually take.

Does a demolish and rebuild require a different kind of finance?

No. It’s normal construction finance, just like building on a vacant block. Obviously, however, the structure of the progress payments may change due to the additional work prior to construction.

Anything else I need to organise?

Before demolition the demolition contractor will need to organise the disconnection of services to your existing house. This involves the completion and lodgement of the relevant forms with Alinta gas and Synergy. You’ll also need to contact these utilities to organise a final meter reading before it’s disconnected.

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