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Pre-built homes for sale

Purchasing a ready built home in Perth has many benefits. We pride ourselves on excellent design and construction, bringing you homes that meet and exceed industry expectations. The intelligent thinking that goes into our pre-built home packages means your new home will cost less and you'll be able to move in sooner. 

Buying a ready built home allows you the flexibility to plan your finances and timeframes effectively. These homes are usually under construction before purchase, which means, you only pay once the build is complete. Construction progress payments in this instance do not apply, so you also save on the associated interest costs.

Stress is not a factor when purchasing pre-built houses. You don’t have to deal with a budget, a contractor or last minute changes; we take care of everything throughout the entire process. All you need to think about is moving in!

Once you’ve made the choice to purchase an off-the-plan home, you can leave everything in apg’s hands until the day we hand over the keys. You get to enjoy the excitement of moving into a brand new, never-lived-in home.

Why not purchase a premade home? It’s completely hassle free; all you have to do is buy off-the-plan and move in once it's done!

Display Homes for Sale

Excellent investment or great family home.

If you want to move into a fully finished, innovatively designed home without the fuss of looking for a block, starting a design from scratch and waiting for construction, then buying a display home is the ideal option. All of our display homes are immaculately completed and surrounded by other quality homes in carefully selected locations. They’re perfect as ready-made family homes and thanks to our generous leaseback arrangements; they also make ideal investment properties.

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