New Home Building Blog

Our new home building blog is a comprehensive blog dedicated to sharing our knowledge and information to inspire, inform and assist you with the new home building process.

We regularly add new articles which cover anything and everything from the latest interior design trends, tips and how tos and industry news to choosing your block, home finance options, best practice home design and room specific considerations - just to name a few.  

We want to ensure you’re armed with all the right information so you can make the best decisions about your home for you and your family. 


A look at our single and double-storey display homes

Thinking about building a new home but don't know what it'll look like? The display homes from apg homes around Perth can help you to make a sound decision.

Solar passive design and sustainable living in your new home

Living sustainably doesn't just mean recycling and driving an eco-friendly car. The way you design your house and live in it can cut down your carbon footprint too.

How to arrange the perfect scullery

Are you considering including a scullery in your new Perth home? We've looked at how to best organise the space so you can get the best out of it. 

Why building new is better than buying existing: The financial reasons

Building a new double story home has many benefits over buying existing. We've looked a little closer at the specific financial perks of building new. 

Winter design trends perfect for warming up your new home

Long chilly winters can be tough. Make yours warmer, cosier and more comfortable by bringing the heat with these new winter design trends. 

The top interior design trends right now

Are you building a new home in Perth soon? Pay attention to these fresh design trends and take your interior to the next level. 

How to winter-proof your new home

Is your new home ready for the coming winter months? If not, it won't take much to make it so, but be smart about the changes you make.

A drop in Perth property profitability could push you toward building a new home

Looking for some inspiration when looking at the Perth property market? Building your own home might be just what you need, and apg homes can help.

What you need to design your own custom home

Are you struggling to find the perfect house for your needs? If the Perth property market isn't hitting the spot for you, a custom home design could be the answer.

Spring cleaning tips for your new home

Spring cleaning isn't exclusively reserved for the spring season - you can make the most of your time by tackling these tasks before, during and after your move!