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Our new home building blog is a comprehensive blog dedicated to sharing our knowledge and information to inspire, inform and assist you with the new home building process.

We regularly add new articles which cover anything and everything from the latest interior design trends, tips and how tos and industry news to choosing your block, home finance options, best practice home design and room specific considerations - just to name a few.  

We want to ensure you’re armed with all the right information so you can make the best decisions about your home for you and your family. 


The fundamentals of choosing a block of land to build on

Are you considering buying vacant land to build a new home? Here are the first things you need to consider to ensure you choose well.

What's the secret to multi-generational living?

Multi-generational homes are on the rise across Australia. With that in mind, how can a new ModGen home design make living together easier?

Hot tips for designing the ultimate summer patio area

Is your garden up to the task when Perth's balmy summer finally arrives? Get inspired and make it even better, with our favourite outdoor design ideas. 

Get inspired: Two-storey home design ideas

The most exciting part of building new is deciding how your property will look and feel. Get inspired with our favourite double-storey home design ideas. 

Get inspired: New home design ideas

Are you considering building a new home in Perth soon? Get inspired and get started with the help of our top three new home design ideas. 

Are Perth display homes good property investments?

Are you on the lookout for your next investment property? Buying a display home from apg homes could be your best option - find out why.

How to choose a Perth home builder

Are you building a new home soon? Check out our quick guide on how to choose a home builder in Perth - and be sure you've made the right decision.

How do house and land packages in Perth work?

How do house and land packages in Perth work and could they be the best option for your next property purchase? Discover the answer here.

Why should you buy instead of renovate?

Needing a change of scene and thinking about renovating? To really get what you want from a 'new' home, you should build from scratch with apg homes.

The advantages of building to invest

Are you in the market for an investment property in Perth? It's getting crowded, but building new with apg homes could be a solution.