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Our new home building blog is a comprehensive blog dedicated to sharing our knowledge and information to inspire, inform and assist you with the new home building process.

We regularly add new articles which cover anything and everything from the latest interior design trends, tips and how tos and industry news to choosing your block, home finance options, best practice home design and room specific considerations - just to name a few.  

We want to ensure you’re armed with all the right information so you can make the best decisions about your home for you and your family. 


8 tips for choosing the perfect house plan

Are you considering building a new home in the near future? Choosing the floor plan when building can be so much more difficult than you might think. With that in mind, we've put together our top eight tips to help make the entire process easier for you. 

Extend your home or go double-storey?

As your circumstances and your life changes, your home can start to feel a little to cramped. Whatever the reason is that you need more space, we look at whether single or double-storey homes are the best way forward for your building or renovation. 

4 must-know home design trends

Are you considering building a home soon? Have you thought about how you'll design it once it's completed? You need to be aware of 2018's newest and hottest interior design trends, all of which will help you take your brand new property to the next level. 

6 questions to ask when visiting a display home

Are you trying to pick a builder for your future home? Visiting display homes is a great way to make the choice easier - if you go prepared. 

Smart ways to save space in your kitchen

Are you building a new property soon? There's so much to think about when you do but your kitchen has to be one of the most important spaces. Put a little thought into its design, and the way you organise it once it's done and it'll be both functional and beautiful. 

How to build big on your narrow lot

The average size of vacant blocks of land in Perth is rapidly shrinking, creating a challenge for home builders. How can you build big with less space?

3 tips on choosing the right floor plan for your double-storey home

Are you building a new home in the near future? Picking a floor plan can be the hardest part - check out our tips to make it easier. 

What do you need to consider when building a double-storey home?

A well built double-storey home can be a joy to live in. To make sure your new build fulfills its potential consider these things before you get started. 

It's all in the palette: Matching furniture and wall colour

Are you building a new Perth home now or in the near future? Ensure you get your colour scheme right with our guide to matching wall colour to furniture. 

Tips for building a relationship with your home construction partner

Are you building a new home soon? Find out how to build a relationship with your building partner to make the entire process easier.