Read what our customers have to say

At apg Homes, we believe the most important feedback we can receive is from our customers, the people who experience firsthand what it’s like to build a home with us.

We also believe it’s important to share this feedback so below are some of the comments provided by our clients in their Customer Satisfaction Surveys which they complete four  times throughout their new home building journey. 

'Very good service and advice. Everthing answered promptly. Everything has been A1.'

Mr. N & Mrs. L Carlino, Alkimos, June 2015

'My wife and I have built a number of homes previously both as owner builders and with large building companies. The systems that APG has in place are the best we have seen. We are also aware that numerous key staff within APG changed positions whilst we were building. Aside from a little confusion as to who we should contact over issues at various stages of the build, we found the systems that are in place, and helpful staff kept things rolling smoothly. There was no real problem despite these changes. Indeed, if our normal client liaison was not available we found that another staff member would quickly step in to help solve our problem. Lisa Rose for example, did this a number of times. What a great team!'

Mr. & Mrs. Werndly, Marmion, June 2015

'All matters were dealt with promptly and efficiently throughout the build process. Highly recommended. Scheduling timed to perfection. No time delays experienced throughout build process, came to completion earlier than antipated well done!!! 

Joe (Site Manager) was always approachable and was onto any issue prior to us requesting resolution, informative and professional at all times. Best site supervisor we have ever dealt with and this is our fifth build. Happy customers.'

Garry & Denise, Alkimos, June 2015

'All our concerns were addressed professionally, always with a smile. We signed up twelve months ago and have received the keys one day short of the contract signing. All the trades we met were very efficient and considerate.

Brett always listened to our concerns and acted on them quickly and efficiently. Whenever he said something was going to happen quite often we would get to site and was done. He has a professional yet kind manner.'

Mr & Mrs Keil, Jindalee, June 2015

'From day 1 Lisa was very friendly and welcoming. She took the time to explain things in detail and we loved her honest suggestions about things to do/not to do in a house. We have a lot more faith in people who are honest and say 'that won't look too great' as then you know they care about more than just having you pay for upgrades. Lisa always replied to emails and phone calls promptly. We cannot fault her service at all, nothing we were even slightly unhappy about. She is amazing, APG are lucky.'

Mr. Collinge, Wandi, June 2015

'Steve was very accomdating, he listened to my needs and delivered first go. Very polite, helpful and educated which helped me through the process.'

Chantell, Carlisle, May 2015

'Overall it's been on the whole a positive experience - there are always going to be small hurdles - but APG have rectified these things quickly. APG have dealt with our difficult neighbours professionally and clearly - thank you it must have been difficult.'

Michael & Sara. Coolbinia, May 2015

'Steve, our Building Consultant is easy to talk to, welcoming and provides great service. Meeting after working hours makes it easy for us full time workers. Fast response with our requests and email.'

Andy, Wembley, May 2015

'Alesha is awesome and very helpfull. Great customer support and professional. 

Jim is a huge asset to APG. I was very fortunate to have such a good supervisor who cared so much about the finish.'

John & Jessica, Wilson, May 2015

'Renea has been outstanding during our pre-start, she has promptly replied to each and every question. Her experience and knowledge about her role is amazing. She should be commended for her customer service and the diligence in her approach to meet the needs of clients.'

Mr and Mrs Sinker, Halls Head, May 2015