Built with Intelligence

When it comes to building your new home, it’s our intelligent ideas that make all the difference. Because at apg, our commitment to smarter building ideas ensure your home will not only look perfect, it will stand the test of time too. 

With our intelligent building techniques and passion to deliver the highest possible standard across every aspect of your home, you can relax knowing we’ve carefully considered every element of construction. And although you might not see all the ways our intelligent design improves your home, you will certainly experience it by enjoying better liveability and greater longevity.

Building with intelligence is our way of ensuring your home meets all your lifestyle demands now and long into the future.

Here are some examples of our intelligent building techniques and their advantages. 

The single best double storey slab

All our double storey homes are built with a suspended concrete slab, which is the best way to ensure strength and durability. It’s also more intelligent as it minimises noise transfer between floors and is more energy efficient.

Solid stairs, surplus storage

Our stairs are always made with concrete, so we’re able to utilise the space underneath and include under-stair storage in our home designs. And as well as being strong and durable, they’re also a lot quieter. 

More space as a matter of course

Standard in all apg homes are 30-course ceiling heights and 27-course window heights to the main living, dinning and kitchen areas. It’s a brighter idea, as it makes your home more open and spacious – and of course, lets in more natural light to the major living spaces.

Double walls for all

The clever way to construct walls is to use traditional double clay brick downstairs and upstairs. It makes your home more durable; with greater energy efficiency, increased fire resistance and greater longevity. It also ensures a consistent finish around your window reveals both upstairs and down.

Consistently finished higher ceilings

We integrate batons to the underside of the home’s slab, so we can attach plasterboard directly to the concrete to maximise the ceiling hieghts and achieve a consistent finish throughout.

Better render on the agenda

We always use acrylic render on the exterior of our homes as it’s far superior to painted concrete. Using acrylic render is smarter, as it prevents paint peel, is more flexible, stays dry and is less likely to crack.

Firmer frames

You’ll find stronger, hardwearing doorframes in all apg homes. It’s just another example of intelligent construction, as we backfill all our doorways with mortar. This strengthens the frame, which in turn leads to less cracking around the frame and damage to the plastered surface of the walls.

Finer finishes

It’s the final touches and finishes that can make all the difference. That’s why we include a great range of high quality tapware, basins, door handles and even toilet suites as standard in all apg homes. We also only use products from leading suppliers including Caroma, Caesarstone, Westinghouse, Polytec, Colorbond, Gainsborough and Jason Windows backed by full manufacturers warranties just in case something does go wrong.       

Lock-in the best windows

We all need to feel safe in our homes and when it comes to secure windows, you should expect the best. That’s why we only use first-class Jason Windows in all apg homes. Their superior locking system gives you peace of mind that your windows can be secured with quality locks.

24-hour maintenance emergency line

For peace-of-mind 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, you can contact our dedicated maintenance department for any emergency.  

Bright ideas, brighter future

A cleverly built home, with quality fittings and fixtures should last you a very long time. And shouldn’t need you to spend huge chunks of your spare time, or your money, on maintenance. Our superior construction techniques and high-level materials will give your home the longevity you expect.

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