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Thoughtfully designed. Intelligently built.

At apg Homes, we really believe that building your own home can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. From beginning to end, it should be exciting. After all, you’re creating the home of your dreams! 

However we understand that your experience of your building journey will be defined by many factors including the quality of the final product, the communication throughout, not to mention getting the right advice up-front to make the right decisions for you. This is why choosing the right building partner is so important. 

apg Homes have been one of WA’s leading affordable two storey home builders since inception in 1997. With our experience and expertise you can have the confidence that we have everything covered.

Authentic expert advice

With our highly experienced and passionate team assisting you through your new home building journey, you can be confidence knowing we will be there to help you every step of the way and that we have everything covered.

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Thoughtfully designed homes

Building a two-storey home is not just as simple as adding another level, it requires a whole different level of thinking. Over the past 19 years we’ve put a lot of careful thought into developing home designs that are superior in terms of functionality, liveability, longevity and affordability.   

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Built with intelligence

At apg Homes, our commitment to smarter building ideas ensure your home will not only look perfect, it will stand the test of time too. With our intelligent building techniques and passion to deliver the highest possible standard across every aspect of your home, you can relax knowing we’ve carefully considered every element of your new homes construction.

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Part of Australia's leading construction, property and finance company

Dale Alcock, ABN Group's founder, started his career as an apprentice bricklayer in Perth. Today, the ABN Group is Australia’s leading construction, property and finance company.

Thanks to Dale's relentless passion, we’re now comprised of 20+ businesses, having built more than 65,000 new homes across Western Australia and Victoria, and financed more than 27,000. 

And we’re the leading new home builders in every one of those markets.

The Group employs more than 1,400 people, 2,500 independent construction contractors across WA and Victoria, and more apprentices than any other new home builder in Australia. Although we’ve grown a lot in the last three decades, Dale together with ABN Victoria Managing Director Aidan Hooper, remain very much at the helm. And if there’s one thing they’re passionate about – it’s to position customers at the heart of each business. 

Our achievements are founded on employing the industry’s best people, creating cutting edge designs, building quality homes for Australian families and generously sharing our success with charity partners.

Put simply, we strive for excellence in everything we do. 

For more information about the ABN Group visit www.abngroup.com.au

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