Display homes

Our comfortable & spacious display homes are a wise investment

If you are looking for a top of the range home in a secure estate, visit apg’s display homes in Perth. All our homes are created with cutting edge design methods, built to the highest standards and finished to a stunning specification. Our display homes allow you and other buyers to see what is possible and what a finished apg product looks like.

We have single and double storey display home locations both north and south of the river in Perth; pop in for a look and talk to our Building Consultants about building or buying an apg home.


Opening hours

Our display homes are open Mondays & Wednesdays: 2pm-5pm, Saturdays & Public Holidays: 1pm-5pm and Sundays: 12pm-5pm.


Premium display homes for sale

Display homes allow you to get an idea of the finished product and imagine yourself in a new home. When you are looking to build a home in an a new estate, the display homes in the display village will showcase the best of what the builder can offer, and show you new ideas for your own home. You can of course purchase these display homes as an investment for now and a home for the future.


Multiple benefits to owning a display home

When you enter one of our display homes you get to feel, see and experience what it will be like living in a similar home, helping you to make an informed choice. If you buy an actual display home you do so with a leaseback option, meaning you rent it out to the builder who uses it to display their top of the range home. When you buy a display home from us, we maintain it in immaculate condition, as it forms part of our showcase and is an excellent advertising medium. You are also buying a valuable investment, which could result in a healthy profit if you decide to sell in a few years, or you could move in once the lease period expires.


Excellent return on investment

You’ll also receive higher than usual returns because you are renting it as a commercial leaseback and not a regular residential rental.


Display Homes For Sale

Our display homes in Perth offer buyers the opportunity to see the finished product and envisage what they would like their home to look like. View our current list of display homes for sale.


Double storey display homes

Visit our 2 storey display homes in Perth; high-quality homes in beautiful locations in the best suburbs.


Single storey display homes

Come view our single storey display homes in Perth. Great quality homes in excellent suburbs.


Display Home Locations

We have an assortment of stunning display homes in Perth and surrounds. Click here to find out the locations of all our display homes, both north and south of the river.


Contact us for more information on buying or building your new home.